Toys I wore out instead of saving

I played with a lot of toys as a kid, but there are some that, in retrospect, I wish I’d kept around for their collectible value. My wife, back when we had just started dating in 2010, went shopping to try and find a Millennium Falcon for my birthday. She ran into a guy at the Toys ‘R Us and asked his advice. He asked how long we’d been dating. “It’s our third date,” she said. He laughed and told her not to spend that kind of money yet. So she got me the Dack Ralter action figure instead. (That’s the poor shmoe who died in Luke’s snowspeeder during the Battle of Hoth.)

We’ve moved from one home to another. Now raising two kids. Still waiting on that Millennium Falcon.

Someday, I’ll be worth it!

Fisher-Price ball popper


Fisher-Price record player

Rock ‘Em-Sock ‘Em Robots




Six-Million Dollar Man action figure



Star Trek bridge set

Star Wars action figures in Darth Vader carrying case

Millennium Falcon

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