Short Attention Span Review: Picard (Season 2)

I almost didn’t finish this season because of how ridiculous it is to posit that the Federation would never happen because a single astronaut on a space mission lost her nerve. But eventually, because I tend toward being a completionist, I watched the remaining episodes and it was…okay. It wasn’t great. It had some decent moments. But it dwelled faaaaaar too long on Picard’s childhood trauma as a plot. It was great seeing Baltar as someone else’s hallucination for a change. I thought Jirati’s sing-along-with-the-Borg-Queen was silly. Q’s snap dysfunction – hey, it happens to every omnipotent being eventually – got better just long enough for one last hurrah? Seven and Rafi were a good match. I think Rios should have his own show, but that seems unlikely now.

Overall, this season felt like a well-intentioned mess.

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