Spreading the Word About Discord

I’ve waited patiently for folks to happen upon our Discord server and, by extension, OtherSpace MUSH. Discord has an option for boosting discoverability *if* you have 1,000 members. Which, y’know, kind of stupid.

I don’t want 1,000 members. I’d be really happy with a consistent user base of about 100, like we had during the Break the Who List era of OtherSpace.

So after some digging, I’ve started reaching out to sites that can amplify the signal for us. First stop: Discord Servers, where I set up a profile and invested a few dollars in “gems” that increase our visibility in the roleplay category, for example. The bump will fade over time, but I’ll try to get gems at least once a month after patron contributions cycle.

Thanks to the contributors who continue to show their support!

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