Short Attention Span Review: Ozark (Series)

I was late to the game with Ozark, so I binged the first three seasons after the first half of the final season released. I’ve now watched it all. And while I enjoyed the show’s style and presentation, and I absolutely loved some of the performances (especially Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore), I can’t say that the ending worked for me.

A lot of the plot twists – especially in the final season – beggared belief. How Wendy checked herself into a mental health clinic claiming she was homicidal and then got out on her own terms a couple of days later, in time for her big gala on the gambling boat, made absolutely no sense. That’s just one example. Don’t even get me started on Marty surviving one day as substitute crime boss in Mexico.

Anyway, some great lines, some wonderful acting, but a lot of ludicrous plot contrivances. This show wanted so much to be the new Breaking Bad, but I don’t think the creative team gave themselves enough time to reach that level.

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