Sweet. Last Tweet?

I’m not sure the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk spells total doom-and-gloom for the platform. In fact, if he lures Donald Trump back, it may provide a toxic energy recharge. However, whatever happens next, I’m not planning to hang around for the show.

I should note that although my decision to step away from Twitter comes with the ownership change, it isn’t entirely motivated by it. I’m not rage-quitting. I’m not throwing my hands up or pulling (what’s left of) my hair out and pitching a tantrum in the hopes someone will beg me to stay. I’m not *deleting* Twitter. I’m just *not using* it from now until further notice.

I got started on Twitter back in 2009, when I was still working on Fallen Earth and my dad called me and said he couldn’t think of anyone else’s random thoughts he wanted to read from one day to the next. But he’s been gone a couple of years now, and it’s my hope that he gets access to those random thoughts now whether or not I tweet them.

Before 2009, most of my random thoughts went to a much smaller readership than the 3,000+ I’ve accrued on Twitter. But those 100 or so on OtherSpace and the other Jointhesaga.com games were true quality folks with whom I had a lot in common, not the least of which was a passion for interactive storytelling. I don’t have that same connection with a lot of followers on Twitter.

Going forward, I plan to focus some of that retired Twitter energy to the Discord community. So if you’ve got an interest in those random thoughts that used to show up on Twitter, I encourage you to come hang out on Discord. Maybe even join the OtherSpace saga!

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