Finally, on the ground…

Thrilled to report that, since we shifted to the new pose order approach, our main scene on OtherSpace really got moving – and the gang dealt with technical issues aboard the shuttle before they entered the atmosphere and came under attack by Medlidikke pirate marauders.

That scene, which started in August 2021, is now complete, ending with the shuttle crash landing in the middle of a river on New Amundsen.

My thanks to the following players for their participation so far:

  • Blackears
  • Natalie
  • Eric
  • Colchek
  • Dorme

The players now are embarking on the next scene in that story arc. I’ve got room for new players who want to play Nall escorts for Latu of Hatch Vril, if anyone’s interested. Right now, I’m just posing them as NPCs.

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