Keeping Us on Our Pose

A handful of OtherSpace players have been on a shuttle from Meriwether Station to nearby New Amundsen since late August.

That’s insane.

Mostly, this is due to the fact that I’ve tried hewing close to our old three-pose rule from the traditional MUSH roleplaying days: someone poses, then waits for at least three other people to pose before chiming in again.

That just doesn’t work when you have three regularly active scene participants and the rest show up maybe once a week.

So, starting in the last couple of weeks, I’ve adjusted our approach in the asynchronous scenes. I’ve trimmed it down to a two-pose rule – pose, wait for two others to pose, then you get the chance to pose again – with a caveat: If only one other person poses in the 24 hours after your pose, you can pose again.

I don’t think I can realistically demand that all scenes play out in real-time, as much as I’d like that, if for no other reason than I can’t guarantee my own participation on that level. So I’m hoping this proves to be happy medium.

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