OtherSpace goes interactive on TikTok


OtherSpace MUSH TikTok Tales No. 1. Post your character’s actions as comments! #tiktoktales

♬ original sound – wesplattwrites

Starting today, I’m trying a new OtherSpace storytelling experiment on TikTok. I post an audio scene-setter and then folks can respond in the comments with how their characters react to the action. Future posts will draw their inspiration from viewer responses.

In this opening scene, it’s assumed that the viewer is a freighter captain hauling cargo from Earth to Sivad when they pick up a panicked transmission. What happens next? That’s up to you.

It’s similar to what we do with OtherSpace on the AresMUSH platform, but it is open to a lot more folks to participate. If you enjoy choose-your-own-adventure, with a more personal twist, then bring your friends and pitch in to shape the story as it evolves!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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