Breaking out of the pandemic funk

For the past year, I’ve throttled back on Patreon-specific activity.

That’s over now!

Today, the Patreon page is updated with a header image reflecting my current main creative project: the revival of OtherSpace MUSH. And I’m introducing a new slate of patron tiers that are more in tune with that project:

AUDIENCE ($1): You’ve got my thanks, plus early access to any gated content at!

EXTRA ($5): Early access to gated content on and your name might end up in a story!

CHORUS ($10): You get early access to gated content and invitations to any Zoom chat opportunities. Tweet three words at me and I’ll use them as inspiration for a piece of flash fiction. You’re also welcome to tweet books, games, TV shows, and movies that I should check out for Short Attention Span reviews. Also, a ship within the OtherSpace MUSH game universe will be named in your honor.

UNDERSTUDY ($25): You’ll be immortalized in a roleplaying location on OtherSpace MUSH, on the world you choose. And you can tweet three words at me as inspiration for a 1,000-word story.

STAR ($50): You’ll inspire a background character that I’ll include in the ongoing OtherSpace MUSH saga (in multiple scenes). Tweet three words at me to inspire an OtherSpace scene.

SUPERSTAR ($100): You’ll inspire a major character that drives a storyline on OtherSpace MUSH. Tweet three words at me that I’ll use as inspiration for a larger plot on the MUSH!

All patrons also get listed in the credits of Twine projects on, such as Rockhopper Rally and Throw Bar. I’ll add more benefits over time, but this should get us started ahead of the 23rd anniversary of the original OtherSpace launch in 1998.

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