Good news and bad news…

I’ll start with the bad news: I’m not finished with my Adventure Jam project and, at this rate, I doubt it’ll be done this week. I’M A FAILURE. My day job is keeping me incredibly busy and my nights are full of family time (which I recognize as two good problems to have as a human, if not necessarily as a gamedev). I will continue to work on the project until it’s done, however long that ultimately takes. 

The good news: I started and finished a Tomin Kora scene on OtherSpace MUSH, and today kicked off a new scene on Earth. For our active scenes, visit this link. In case you missed it, I expanded the grid on the new MUSH beyond just Meriwether Station, so we can have scenes in familiar haunts all over the Orion Arm, from Earth to Ungstir and from Tomin Kora to Nalhom!

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Wes Platt

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