Adventure Jam 2021: Update 2

I had great expectations for this Adventure Jam 2021 project, based on OtherSpace, and even took a week off from work to focus on narrative development.

But I knew going in that my ambitions probably exceeded what I could realistically achieve within a two-week development period as a solo dev working in Twine.

And I was right, of course. It was too much to think I could efficiently develop stories on more than a dozen worlds. Certainly not any stories that did more than allow a player to dip their toe ever so slightly into the universe. That would’ve skewed away from the premise of the Adventure Jam guidelines, which encourage a more immersive experience.

Nevertheless, I spent much of the week going back and forth about what was possible. I stubbornly held to the idea that I COULD DO THIS IF I WANTED TO. And then John Michael was out of school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – two of those days had been expected, but the third was due to the surprise fuel crisis sparked by panic buying at the pumps after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

We’re now a week into the project and I have a solid beginning to *one* story (Buteo Calabratrarios finds a groggy Lotorian stashed in the trunk of his hovercab), which will become my focus going forward for this Adventure Jam. I’m keeping the big OtherSpace project on a back burner. Ultimately, my goal is to incorporate this story – and many others – into a huge Twine adventure.

But, for this go-round, it should be enough to follow a road trip with Feznak and Buteo.

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