Adventure Jam 2021: Update 1

It’s the first day (for me, at least) of the 2021 Adventure Jam. I’m happy to report that I’ve built the basic framework for the new game, currently titled OtherSpace: Cosmic Web, in Twine. Now, I just have to flesh out all the narrative bits (the REAL job ahead).

This is Mother’s Day weekend, so I don’t have much free time for writing. But here’s where I heed my own advice for situations like this: use what time you DO have to do what you CAN. In this case, I managed to carve out a couple of hours to do a quick planetary prototype, test the conditionals, and then copy/paste to all the planets in the Orion Arm once I was satisfied that it worked.

Starting Monday, I’m on vacation for a week, and with the kids in school, I should be able to get A LOT of writing done.

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