GameDev: Expanded OtherSpace Grid

\We started small with the Meriwether Station grid in the new OtherSpace MUSH.

Now, as we look ahead toward June 28 (the 23rd anniversary of the maiden voyage of OtherSpace), we’re growing the grid.

Effective immediately, it’s now possible to travel from Meriwether Station to spaceports in the Stellar Consortium, Fringe, and Parallax. Players using the web interface also can kick off new scenes using those locations!

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll expand the planetary grids based on the old OtherSpace MUSH.

The primary story arc that I’m focused on will remain centered on Meriwether Station and New Amundsen, but it’s my hope that the expanded grid will give some breathing room for players to do their own thing in some old familiar hangouts!

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