GameDev: Adventure Game Jam Ahead!

I’ve officially signed on to participate in next month’s Adventure Game Jam over at Gamejolt!

During two weeks, from May 7-21, I’ll develop a text-based adventure experience using the Twine toolset. From now until the jam launches, as the rules allow, I’m working on the narrative elements – story and dialogue. After the jam starts, the clock starts ticking on building the game itself, debugging it, and then submitting it for voting.

Here’s what I can tell you about the project right now:

  • It’ll be set in the OtherSpace MUSH universe.
  • All text. No graphics.
  • You’ll get to visit every major planet and potentially experience at least 66 different stories.
  • It’ll use the recently implemented “storylets” feature in the Harlowe story format in Twine.
  • Supporters of my Patreon will end up in the stories, either as ship names, location details, possibly even characters.
  • When the jam is over, I’ll share the project for free on my page.

Got questions? Ask away.

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