GameDev: Rockhopper Rally is LIVE!

I’m excited to share that after a couple of weeks of solo development work in Twine, the new Rockhopper Rally text-based arcade game inspired by OtherSpace MUSH is up and running on!

It’s free to play in a web browser, but donations are appreciated!

The game provides a fast-paced introduction to the stubborn denizens of Ungstir, who refused to let the Nall and their Corehunter planet-killing missiles chase them away from a perfectly good corner of the cosmos. It puts you at the controls of a rockhopper, participating in a rally through a deadly asteroid field against four other competitors chasing a 40,000-credit prize.

Supporters of my Patreon get name-dropped among the landmarks that can be discovered along the rally course.

If you enjoy this little taste of the OtherSpace universe, consider joining the MUSH itself for our new adventure in the Orion Arm! And spread the word!

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