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During the past few weeks, I’ve had conversations with veteran MUSHers, tabletop gamers, and LARPers who are showing an interest in joining the new OtherSpace MUSH – and might bring their friends.

That’s so appreciated. And it’s critical. Perhaps cliques are counterintuitive when we’re trying to expand the tent and make the game more accessible. But experience has taught me just how important it is to attract multiple tight-knit groups of enthusiastic storytellers to build a MUSH’s community, create the foundation of the player-driven narrative, and lead by example when new participants join.

The Courser crew. The Faux chaos chasers. The Red Eclipse mercenaries. These are just a few of the storytelling teams that fueled the OtherSpace narrative during the past two decades.

Some current players remain from those groups. However, for OtherSpace to thrive in its new incarnation, we’re going to need new teams to immigrate to the Orion Arm. Yes, it runs the risk of some folks hogging the spotlight – and, admittedly, groups like the Courser crew got a lot of glory in the original OtherSpace story arc, mostly because they were among the most active and involved players. I’d love to be forced to choose how to split my time between multiple enthusiastic player teams.

So, spread the word: We’re ready for any groups to join us and make OtherSpace their new home!

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