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Want to roleplay on the new OtherSpace MUSH, but stumped when it comes to what you might play?

Less interested in crafting an elaborate backstory than you are in jumping in and making things happen?

Starting today, we’ve got a growing roster of ready-made characters from which to choose, and all you have to do is click the CLAIM button!

Characters available in the first batch include:

  • Harmon Bishop, a communications officer on Meriwether Station who tinkers with quantum art and off-duty brewing.
  • Elaine Dillard, a communications officer on Meriwether Station who enjoys quilting.
  • Leonard Gibbons, a cargo bay manager on Meriwether Station who reads a lot and builds starships in liquor bottles.
  • Regina Myerson, a cargo bay manager on Meriwether Station who’s into coffee and bench presses.

We’ll add more characters to the roster (including aliens) over time, but generally you can expect these to be fairly simple, run-of-the-mill folks who are needed to manage day-to-day operations aboard Meriwether Station. However, once the character is yours, you can take them in whatever direction their story seems to go.

If you decide to make a more detailed character after playing a ready-made, it’s fine to relinquish them and send them back to the roster, where they’ll be flagged as Previously Played for the next person to claim.

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