GameDev: Off and running

Much like we did in 1998, we’re not waiting for things to be *done* before we start doing stuff on OtherSpace.

Our first newly apped character, Pablo (played by Varal), joined within minutes of our launch on the AresMUSH platform. He quickly started our first scene – an encounter between a few characters in the shuttle bay of Meriwether Station as Griffin Bright arrives to begin the search for his father’s missing expedition on the planet New Amundsen.

From the get-go, I can say that we already enjoy the ease with which people can kick off a new scene and manage pose order, as well as the handy notifications that come when new activity occurs that may need attention.

Character creation is very much a work in progress, but it works well enough to make a character (and I encourage everybody reading this to do so – it’s free and you’ll be helping us stomp out bugs as development continues).

And over on the Wiki side of the web portal, I’ve started working on the latest version of the Encyclopedia Galactica, which will be our new repository of all things OtherSpace:

More to come!

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