GameDev: Help name the new OtherSpace station

NASA’s “Stanford torus” station design from the 1970s.

The votes in the last couple of days rather decisively indicate that the new OtherSpace MUSH project should center on a planet with an orbital space station (similar to Babylon 5 and its orbit above Epsilon III).

I’m currently planning for this to be an independent port-of-call/trade outpost/refueling hub in Fringe territory, with diplomatic quarters for representatives from the Stellar Consortium and the Parallax, as well as any free worlds in the Fringe that choose to participate. The station orbits a world that’s habitable, but wild and not fully explored beyond basic orbital scans. We’ll talk more about that world later.

First, our station needs a name. You’re going to help pick that name!

  • New Amundsen Station: In honor of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who led the first team of explorers to Earth’s South Pole.
  • Meriwether Station: Named after Meriwether Lewis, part of the American team that explored the western United States.
  • Polo Station: An homage to Marco Polo, the Venetian explorer who traveled Asia’s Silk Road.
  • Magellan Station: Harkening back to Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal, who died during his fleet’s voyage to circumnavigate the Earth.
  • Orion Arm Station: A rather generic recognition of the particular spiral arm where OtherSpace takes place.

UPDATE: The winning choice is Meriwether Station. New Amundsen came in second, so that’s going to be the name used for the planet. Thanks for voting!

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