Junction 54: The bike you rode in on

President Joe Biden rides a Peloton.

So do I!

It surprised me to learn that, apparently, this makes him – and, by association, me – an elitist. It’s not like spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to cheat at golf at my own resorts. Instead, I’m pedaling a stationary bike (usually on scenic highways, as I’m not really keen on the live classes) and dodging the occasional interruption from my kids.

My wife got the Peloton for me for Christmas 2019, before anyone really knew anything about COVID-19. Since the pandemic struck and my life became work-from-home/teach-at-home, the bike has been a lifesaver. I sneak in rides about 20-30 minutes long during whatever pockets of time I can find: lunch, while Catherine prepares dinner, or when the toddler’s napping. Lately, I’ve been on a decent streak, managing several days of riding each week for the past nine weeks.

I wonder: have I been competing against POTUS on any of these rides? Has jointhesaga2650 been outpaced by the Commander-in-Chief? Have I blown past him on the leaderboard without so much as a respectful “Yes, sir?” Did I once receive a virtual high-five from Uncle Joe? Does he prefer the scenic or just-riding rides? Is he a fan of the instructor-led classes?

I may never know.

But I know this: I’m glad the president does what he can to stay healthy. He’s got a lot of work ahead. When it comes to the troubled economy and the simmering pandemic, we can’t just pedal in place.

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