Weekly Goals: March 10, 2020

So far, no coronavirus in my household – and certainly none in the virtual space of Cypress Knee MUSH! This week, my goals include:

  • Build a team of folks (especially patrons) to help beta test features on the new MUSH website. Got several signed up so far. Non-patrons are also welcome – just register on the site!
  • Continue to gather followers for the new MUSH Twitter feed. Please spread the word about it, if you could. It’s a feed where I’ll really only ever post information related to the game, keeping it free of the other stuff I get loud about in my personal feed.
  • Complete descriptions of starting area in the town center. (In progress)
  • Schedule posts about historic events and interesting birthdays. (Done through this weekend.)
  • Flip the switch on RP mode on the MUSH. (Done. You can use the RP door in the OOC area to enter the grid, and then use the global @rp command to drop back into the OOC area later, if you want.)
  • Set up the first new player character on the grid – Natalie. (Done. Sent login instructions to her player.)
  • MAYBE run a little RP scene on the grid between Natalie, Jack Bellet, and John Barrister, if time allows. Start priming the RP pump!
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