Swamp Gas No. 2: Feb. 9, 2020


 I’m curating an ongoing collection of strange Florida stories as inspiration for the project that’s now got my wheels turning. Sharing with you! Enjoy. 

Make America Scared Again

DUNNELLON – A 49-year-old man armed with what witnesses described as a “cane sword” threatened several pro-Trump demonstrators, according to the Dunnellon Police Department. He allegedly pointed the sword toward their faces while making threats.

Deadly Monkey Business

ST. JOHNS COUNTY – Monkeys may be spreading potentially fatal Herpes B virus in northeast Florida, warns the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The FWC specifically warned about the Rhesus Macaque monkey, first brought to Florida’s Silver Springs in the 1930s.

Just Not His Day

POLK COUNTY – A man in a pickup truck tried unsuccessfully to elude a Polk County Sheriff’s Office traffic stop, swallowing a bag of meth and nearly hitting a patrol car in the process. He also, it turns out, had a warrant for failing to register as a sex offender.

Skin in the Game

BRADENTON – Activists known as the Bloodstained Men, wearing red-splotched crotch clothes, protested circumcision at a Bradenton intersection. The group advocates for the right for a male to decide whether his foreskin should be removed.

Taking a Swing at Courtesy

PALM COAST – A 23-year-old Palm Coast man allegedly attacked two men at a McDonald’s because they complimented his black and yellow Batman jacket. Before retrieving a bat from his GMC Yukon to swing at the men (and miss), the man flipped them off and yelled obscenities. 

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