Past-Age Stamp No. 1: Target Lost

Early in the history of “vanilla” World of Warcraft, I wrote adventures about a tauren warrior named Stamp Bloodhoof.

With the launch of the new WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor, I’m kicking off some new adventures. Plain text is shown here, but you can also download the attached PDF with images from the game.

These fan fiction stories aren’t affiliated with Blizzard and they’re provided free of charge to anyone who wants to read them.


The warlock Heironymous Alexander Rote fled to the Blasted Lands, and I pursued with murder in mind.

For months, I had trained with Gizmik Fazzle, learning to speak words as I think and write them.

No dangerous, unreliable gadgets. No magic spells. Just hard work and practice, day in and day out, took me from the simple-sounding lout – “Stamp go! Stamp hit!” – to a more literate creature.

Undone with a word from the warlock. Only Rote’s death could break the curse. So the hunt began.

Nethergarde Keep is the closest I came. I’ve still got the swatch of red and purple fabric torn from the shoulder of his robe. He’d be dead right now, if not for that Iron Horde shaman who ensnared me.

Now I’m on the wrong side of the Dark Portal, trapped in the past and caught in a new conflict. I don’t understand why the curse still twists my tongue in this new timeline.

Rote’s beyond my reach, for now. But not forever, I hope.

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