First Cypress Knee MUSH RP Scene!

I am thrilled to report that we just had the first-ever roleplaying scene of Cypress Knee MUSH. It was just two characters – newspaper editor Jack Bellet (one of the protagonists in the Knee Deep video game) and Natalie, played by one of our generous patrons! However, it sets in motion the opening story arc, in which this curious Florida town is beset by a situation in which no one seems to be getting ill.

Investigating the wellness plague in a community that includes a lot of normally ailing senior citizens feels like a positive story to tell at this particular time. Of course, I’m not sure which way it’s going to go yet. What if the effects are temporary? Or what if all that healing comes with some horrible price to be paid later? 

I suppose we’ll find out in due time. If you’d like to play a part, just submit a biography! Participation is free!

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Wes Platt

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