Coronavirus Diary: Week 2


The days run together pretty quickly now, with both kids home full-time.

It was software release week at work, so I was pretty swamped with documentation updates and meetings. My brother-in-law helped by taking the boy during the day a couple of times. My wife – still considered pretty essential as a domestic law attorney – continued to work part-time at the office (without exposure to the public).

My days consisted of:

· Working on the laptop, communicating with co-workers.

· Changing the toddler’s pull-ups and trying to get her to use the toilet. (She’ll sit on the Sesame Street toddler seat, identifying the various Muppets. She won’t urinate or poop until she has her pull-up back on and she’s in her playpen. She announced a poop at the end of one of my Webex meetings. God, help me.)

· Feeding the kids (lunch, at least – wife usually managed breakfast).

· Making sure the boy did homework.

· Keeping boy and girl entertained with movies and Disney Jr. shows (they enjoyed Space Jam and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

· Feeding and walking the dog.

· Checking up on family in Florida.

By mid-week, Durham Mayor Steve Schewel announced a stay-at-home order in the city limits. A couple days later, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper finally made the order statewide.

We’re still healthy. For that, I’m grateful. Many people aren’t so fortunate. Next week’s liable to be worse for the nation. Stay healthy. Stay home.

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